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How we can help

If you are a smoker thinking about quitting then the chances are you will have a number of concerns.

Mary Ann and Denise
  • How will I cope without cigarettes? 
  • What products work well and which one should I use?  Some are more expensive than cigarettes!    
  • Cigarettes help me cope with stress. 
  • Perhaps I should try and cut down first. 
  • Maybe I’ve been smoking so long that the damage is done and there’s no point giving up.  
One to one appointment


"I thought it would be hard but Mary Ann, my Quit4Life adviser, was absolutely brilliant. I don’t need cigs now, and my life’s really improved.”

  • How can I ever give up for good?   
  • Are there any products I haven’t tried that might work better for me?  
  • Should I try an e-cigarette 
  • I don’t want to put on weight like I did last time I quit.    
  • I’ve just not got enough willpower. 
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"I quit before for three years but started again. I went back to Quit4Life and Iris, my adviser, was great. She remembered me, welcomed me back and now I feel confident I won't smoke again." 

When you come to Quit4Life you can discuss all your concerns with an experienced adviser who will reassure you that it’s never too late to give up, there will always be a benefit to your health and your pocket and you can do it with our help.

If you have tried to quit on your own it’s possible that any products you bought over the counter didn’t deliver enough nicotine for long enough, or maybe the time wasn’t quite right or you didn’t get enough support from those around you.  The support and experience of a Quit4Life adviser could make all the difference.

If you have quit with us before and gone back to smoking you will always be welcomed back as soon as you feel ready to try again.

With the benefit of experience you can plan to avoid slipping up again!