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Stop Smoking Products

The number of stop smoking products on the market can be very baffling and you may be wondering what will work best for you.  Quit4Life keeps up with the latest evidence and only offers those products that are proven to be effective.  

Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) delivers nicotine without the harmful chemicals such as carbon monoxide or tar from cigarettes and can help reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms.  

The patch, mouthspray, lozenge, gum and inhalator are available from Quit4Life and you will start using the products on your agreed quit date.   

Your adviser can supply NRT weekly for up to 12 weeks for just one prescription charge (free if you are exempt from prescription charges), provided you remain smokefree.  

Other NRT products, such as the mouth strip, if preferred, can be requested on prescription from your GP.
It has been found that a combination of two NRT products used together (eg a patch and inhalator) can be effective when one was not.  So if you have not managed to quit before on one product it doesn’t mean NRT is the wrong choice for you.

NRT Patch


These are like sticking plasters that are replaced daily and provide nicotine through the skin. They are discreet and the size can be lowered over a number of weeks until they are no longer needed. Your adviser will help you choose the best dose to suit you and whether to use a 16 or 24-hour patch.

NRT Mouth Spray
A fine mist is sprayed into the mouth delivering a very fast-acting dose of nicotine. Your adviser will help you master the technique to avoid side effects such as hiccups.
NRT Inhalator
This is a plastic tube shaped like a cigarette holder into which a nicotine cartridge is fitted. As you suck on the inhalator nicotine is absorbed through your mouth and throat. This can be good for people who miss the action of smoking, particularly as a secondary product with a daily patch.
Gum allows nicotine to be absorbed through the inside of your mouth.  Your adviser can ensure you use the correct technique to avoid possible side effects such as sore mouth or heartburn. Gum can also work very well with a daily patch.
NRT Lozenge
A lozenge placed in the side of your mouth is another way for nicotine to be absorbed into the body.  Like gum it can be used on its own by lighter smokers or as a very effective secondary product by heavier smokers during times of temptation.

An alternative to NRT is Champix - a tablet that we can request on prescription from your GP.  It is taken for 12 weeks and a quit date is set 10 to 14 days after starting the course.  It works by reducing your craving for a cigarette and by reducing the effects you feel if you do have one.

Zyban, another stop smoking drug, is less widely used now as it is not suitable for some people and can have more side effects than Champix. However, it can be requested from a patient’s GP if it has been used successfully in the past.