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What is Quit4Life support?

A Quit4Life programme offers a combination of support from an adviser and appropriate stop smoking products to help a smoker prepare for quitting, set a quit date and remain smokefree.

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Whichever setting you choose, a Quit4Life stop smoking programme provides the following: 

  • Weekly contact with an adviser who offers information, advice and support.
  • Help to prepare for your agreed quit date. You will be asked about your smoking habits, identify smoking triggers and discuss your reasons for wanting to quit. Why not go to the Smoking Calculator for some inspiration?!
  • Information about stop smoking products – the ones that we can supply and others on the market, including those that have no evidence of effectiveness – so you can avoid wasting money buying them! 
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) level measurements. This is a simple breath test which will show how quickly your body recovers to a non-smoker level after you quit.
  • A supply of stop smoking products to best suit your needs. Your adviser will help you use the products to their best effect.  We can supply Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) weekly for up to 12 weeks for just one prescription charge. Alternatively we can arrange the supply of the stop smoking drug Champix for 12 weeks on prescription via letter to your GP. If you are exempt from prescription charges all products are supplied free of charge, provided you remain smokefree. 
  • Support for at least 12 weeks after your quit date, depending on your needs and the products you use; we aim to help you finish the programme feeling confident that you can avoid relapsing in the future and you are welcome to drop back to see your adviser at any time for help to stay quit.

Once you have started a quit programme we do urge you to stay in touch – you are more likely to succeed with regular support so it’s a good idea to plan your quit date carefully, eg not just before going away on holiday!

If you are still smoking two weeks after setting your quit date please don’t stay away because you think you have failed. You won’t be told off! Your adviser will discuss a plan of action with you, maybe starting again with a different product, or coming back when the time is better for you to make a quit attempt. You will do it but you may need extra support next time.

Now you know how we can help why not go to Choose your support to see the range of ways you can get help to quit.