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Worried about putting on weight when you quit smoking?

Do you want to give up smoking but have concerns about gaining weight? Maybe you put on weight in the weeks or months after stopping smoking in the past, and then went back to smoking. Well, help is at hand.

We can help you stop smoking and save pounds - without putting on pounds!

Your stop smoking adviser will be able to discuss with you, in confidence, ways to avoid snacking on the "wrong" food as a substitute for smoking.  As well as helping with cravings, using NRT products can effectively keep hands and mouth busy in a way that doesn't involve food!

If you choose to use patches, we will also be able to offer you a second oral product, such as the inhalator, mouth spray, gum or lozenge, to top up your nicotine level whenever temptation strikes - and keep you in control.  Your adviser can help you choose what products will suit you - and help you master the technique so you can use them confidently and avoid possible side effects.

Whilst some people experience no weight gain when they stop smoking, others put on a few pounds during the first few weeks as their metabolism adjusts.  But, with healthy eating habits and a moderate amount of exercise, weight gain generally levels off.  If waistbands are then a little tighter than you would like, it will be easier to tackle losing a few pounds once you have been smoke free for a good period and are confident about not smoking.

Already concerned about your weight?

If you feel you would benefit from losing weight now, alongside stopping smoking, ask your adviser about FREE classes with Weight Watchers.  We can let you know about local programmes and, subject to certain conditions being met, you may be able to attend the first 12 sessions of your chosen programme completely FREE when you stop smoking with Quit4Life.

Read Trefor and Janet's story of how Quit4Life helped them stop smoking AND lose weight with free classes.

Here are some more suggestions on how to stop smoking without putting on weight