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Barbara's Story

Barbara, a mum of two from Southampton, is preparing for her 40th  birthday celebrations. And it will be a milestone in her life for more than one reason – because she gave up smoking a year ago and hasn’t looked back since.

Barbara gave up smoking with help from Quit4Life and says she found it relatively easy:

“I actually found it easy to give up because I was ready to quit. In the end I didn’t actually enjoy smoking. I found it left a nasty taste in my mouth and I smelled of stale smoke. I was determined to quit so I saw my adviser, Kathy, on a weekly basis. She gave me lozenges and a mouth spray, which helped me for the first few days, but then I found I could do it on my own.”

Barbara started smoking as a teenager, after trying her sister’s cigarettes, and had smoked ever since. Barbara visited a free Quit4Life session at The View Café in Netley, to meet with her adviser, and received help and support to finally kick the habit for good.

“I have tried to quit before but I went back to it. But when Kathy read my carbon monoxide levels on my first visit I was shocked. But seeing my CO readings coming down every week, alongside some of the visual tools Quit4Life had to show what smoking does to your body, inspired me to quit for good this time.”

Barbara says the best things about giving up smoking are that her breathing has improved, her skin is in better condition and she smells nice again – as well as not having to go out in the rain for a cigarette, too: “In fact – everything is better!”

“My advice for anyone wanting to give up is just do it! With Quit4Life you don’t have to worry about being judged, or told off if you have the occasional slip-up. They are just there to help.

“I gave up for me. I’m proud to have done it. The hardest part is getting used to the change, but if you’re determined to do it you will.”