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Dawn's done it!

Dawn, a mum of five from Farnborough, had smoked for around 50 years – but has now managed to give up cigarettes with help from Quit4Life.

Dawn wanted to stop smoking after hearing some rather sobering news from her doctor: “I heard about Quit4Life through my GP. I have COPD, and my GP said I would be in my coffin by the end of the year if I didn’t stop smoking.

“I started smoking at a young age, as everyone was doing it. Coming from a family who smoked it was hard not to.” However, Dawn went along to a Quit4Life session locally and met her Adviser, Julia. “Julia helped me decide what [NRT] to use, and she helped me when I needed it. I’ve been smoke-free now since March 2017.”

However, it wasn’t always easy. “I found most of the time it was quite difficult. But, with help from Quit4Life, I surprised myself. I have tried four times before to quit, and had never managed it, but with Quit4Life you knew there was always someone there to help you if you needed it.”

And now, Dawn not only feels healthier but her breathing has improved too. “I am breathing better and my house and clothes don’t smell of smoke any more. It is so nice for all my family to say they don’t mind giving me a cuddle now that I don’t smell of smoke! My children and grandchildren are so proud of me.”

There have been other benefits too for Dawn: "I’m also saving money – well, that’s when I’m not out buying new clothes!

“I’d advise others not to stop trying giving up – it will happen. I also found it helpful to write down days and dates, and how long I hadn’t smoked for, in a book to keep a note of how well I was doing.”

Well done to Dawn for successfully giving up smoking for good!