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Hayley and her bump are fully smoke-free!

Hayley, a professional hair designer from Eastleigh, decided to give smoking the boot after discovering she was expecting her first baby.

“I had smoked ever since I was a teenager. But when I discovered I was pregnant, my midwife gave me the details of Quit4Life. I wanted to give up for my baby, and for my own health.”

Hayley had tried to give up cold turkey before, but unfortunately hadn’t been successful. So she went along to her local Quit4Life session and met her personal adviser, Katherine.

“She was so kind and friendly. The first week was hard, as I initially struggled to give up the cigarette I had after work. But I used a vape pen and an inhaler, and along with support from my adviser I gave up smoking for good age 24.” 

Hayley is now a proud smoke-free mummy-to-be!

If you’re pregnant, quitting smoking is one of the most important changes you can make to improve the health of both you and your unborn baby. Giving up smoking at any time before – or during – pregnancy is extremely beneficial, and Quit4Life offer proud to offer a specialist support service for pregnant ladies and their partners.

Now Hayley has stopped smoking, both her and her baby are really benefiting. “Now, I have no scary stories from my midwife, and no comments from others about the smell of stale smoke! I have clear skin, better teeth and my hair smells nice again. I feel so much happier! And I have more money to spend on things for the upcoming arrival of our new baby girl.”

Has Hayley any tips for others who are thinking of stopping smoking? “It is scary, but you can do it! Do it when you are ready. And don’t panic if you have a slip-up – Quit4Life will not judge you, just help.” 

Congratulations to Hayley, her husband and their new little bundle of joy due in 2018!


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Feeling inspired to start your smoke-free future? If you're pregnant, or even if you're not, give us a call for free, friendly help to quit:

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