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Andy’s story: If with cold turkey you don’t succeed – try Quit4Life!

Andy, an Operations Manager from Marchwood, gave up smoking 9 years ago with help from Quit4Life and has successfully remained smoke-free ever since.

Andy started smoking aged 24, when he was in the army, as most soldiers smoked at that time. He decided to give up for good – “for both health and financial reasons”. After initial attempts at quitting by going cold turkey, Andy heard about Quit4Life from a neighbour and decided to get in touch.

Andy gave up smoking in July 2008 by using nicotine patches and willpower, whilst receiving support from Quit4Life. “I liked the information and support, and the ease of contacting somebody.” Since giving up smoking 9 years ago, Andy has noticed huge benefits, including finding breathing and walking easier. “It means I’m more active and able to join in with running and playing with my grandchildren.”

For Andy, not only does he feel healthier and less out of breath, he has also saved a significant amount of money. “I’ve probably saved in excess of £23,000 already!”

What would Andy say to others who are thinking about quitting? “Do it now. It’s never too late and the benefits far outweigh the negatives. But you must really want to give up or, at the first bit of stress, you’ll give in.”

He said “Support from Quit4Life really helped. And avoiding stressful situations – that made it easier to [want to] start again.”

Congratulations to Andy for over 9 smoke-free years; for improving his health, and for saving enough money to fly around the world over 15 times (and counting)! 



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