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Mai's stop smoking story

Mai, 67, from Basingstoke, decided to give up smoking for good and got in touch with Quit4Life for help.

There were several reasons why Mai wanted to give up smoking. “I wanted to quit for health reasons mainly, but also as it was getting so expensive to buy cigarettes. It’s also quite restrictive – you can’t smoke in most public places – so I decided enough was enough. It’s got to be done.”

Mai attended weekly Quit4Life sessions with her Adviser, Linda, and took Champix to help her to kick the habit of a lifetime. “I started smoking when I was 14 so I knew it would be hard. But Linda was so good – she gave me the confidence I needed. By giving up with Quit4Life I knew that there was someone there to back you up. Then I realised I actually COULD do it.

“On my 3rd visit to a Quit4Life session I even thought I’d broken the CO monitor as it came out as zero when I blew into it! Then I found out it was because all the carbon monoxide had already come out of my system since I gave up the cigarettes!”

And what would Mai say to others who are thinking of giving up smoking? “You’ve got to decide yourself when you want to do it. But I’d definitely recommend contacting Quit4Life. They will find the best way for YOU to stop smoking, in the way that you want to do it. And if you’re desperate for a cigarette you can call in or get in touch with them for advice.”

Mai has now been successfully smoke-free for 6 years. And her top tips for others? “You’ve got to get over your ‘habit’ cigarettes first, then giving up the rest is easy. For me it was my routine to have a cigarette when I first woke up – so I changed my morning routine around. And instead of having a cigarette after meals I started having a sugar-free strong mint.”

Mai also tells us how she stayed smoke-free for good this time. “I had tried to quit before on my own but this time I really did it with help from Quit4Life. I’d say try not to comfort eat to compensate – a routine change is key. Find something else to do. Also don’t let times of stress let you relapse into smoking again. You’ve come this far without cigarettes – you really don’t need them so keep in mind you’ll never go back to smoking as it won’t ever help.”

Well done to Mai, from all of us at Quit4Life!