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Jacquie's success story

Jacquie from Farnborough recently completed her Quit4Life stop smoking programme, and is now successfully smoke-free!

Like many people, Jacquie started smoking at a fairly young age because her sister smoked and she was keen to be included. However, after 40 years of smoking cigarettes her health had begun to suffer.

“I knew it was bad for my health, as well as being anti-social and too expensive. I had much less energy when I smoked.”

Jacquie had used Quit4Life’s stop smoking service before, but after a previous relapse back into smoking she was welcomed back into the service.

“I stopped smoking on 11th December, in time for Christmas. I completed a course of Champix. Previously I had tried hypnosis and patches, but this worked for me.”

Jacquie had success by taking prescribed tablets, Champix, which contain Varenicline. They work by reducing your craving for a cigarette. After you set a date to stop smoking, you start taking the tablets one or two weeks before this date. Treatment normally lasts for 12 weeks. Quit4Life can supply a prescription request for the tablets, or you can choose other forms of medication to best suit you.

Jacquie said: “I was surprised that it only took 10 days to stop smoking once I had started my tablets! I did have some feelings of nausea sometimes in the afternoon, but I made sure I drank lots of water and that I ate something when I took the pills.”

Quit4life offered private appointment sessions close to where Jacquie lives, which were convenient and easy to attend. “The service is available at days and times that fit in with me and each appointment does not take very longer to complete.”

Now Jacquie is smoke-free, she enjoys better health and more wealth. “The pains in my chest have gone and I have more energy. I do not need to wash my hair every day or worry about having bad breath. I also have more money to spend on other things.”

What would Jacquie say to other people who are thinking of giving up? “Don't be bullied into stopping by others.  Decide to give up when you are ready - that way you have a much greater chance of success.”

And the best thing about being smoke-free? “I am no longer a slave to the cigarette and I feel happy about that.”

Congratulations to Jacquie for her fantastic achievement!