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Mathona made it smoke free against the odds!

Mathona quit with telephone support from Quit4Life whilst going through a very stressful time in December 2018. She is still smoke free and would like to share her story!



I have attempted to stop smoking many times over the years, unsuccessfully. I have tried patches, gum, the spray (which gave me hiccups) and the inhalator. This time I am using Champix, and telephone consultations with staff from Quit 4 life.

Having someone phone me once a week or once a fortnight has been a massive help, giving me something to look forward to and being able to share how proud of myself I am.

I stopped on the 1st of December, my father had a heart attack on the 3rd of December. My husband and I went to support my Mum up north as Dad had a triple bypass. He came home on New Year’s Eve but fell before he got in the door, so went back to hospital. We returned to Gosport on New Year’s Day.

He is well on the mend and I'm still off the fags. I've had lots of support from my hubby, but as I've said, it was a massive help having Quit 4 life at the end of the phone.

Good luck x

Mathona (Matty)


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