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Oliver and his Nan

Young Oliver was so worried his grandmother would die from the effects of her smoking habit he refused to eat in her house until she agreed to get help to quit.

Eight-year-old Oliver Harfield was visiting his nan for tea at her home in Basingstoke.  But when 61 year old Rachel Harfield put his supper on the table and went outside for her usual cigarette, Oliver refused to eat, saying she didn’t smell nice and he didn’t want his nan to die because of smoking.  

Oliver’s grandmother, who had been smoking for nearly 50 years, had already suffered bouts of bronchitis and pneumonia and Oliver was worried that his nan would die if she didn’t give up the habit.

Rachel, who had tried before to stop smoking, spoke to her GP who put her in touch with Quit4Life.  Within a week of her first drop-in session at the end of June 2014 she had stubbed out her last cigarette and has not smoked since.

Rachel’s Quit4Life adviser Linda Day was so impressed with the part Oliver played in motivating his nan to quit, she gave him a certificate as well as Rachel when she had been completely smokefree for four weeks.

Now Oliver looks forward to visiting his nan in her freshly cleaned house which no longer smells of smoke.  “I’m so pleased I’ve stopped smoking,” said Rachel, “I’m less stressed now that I’m enjoying life, and even my sense of humour has improved – I just laugh at things that used to make me annoyed!”

Rachel’s advice to other smokers thinking of quitting is “Give it a go – you’ll be surprised the difference it makes with the combination of a reason to quit and the right support.”