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Sandi's success with vaping

Quit4Life were one of the first vape-friendly stop smoking services; following the latest advice by health experts that, although not necessarily risk-free, vaping and the use of e-cigarettes is currently considered 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco.

Sandi decided to give up cigarettes due to health implications, coupled with the sheer cost of buying cigarettes. So she got in touch with Quit4Life to find a free session close to her home, where she decided to give vaping a go as a means to giving up smoking cigarettes.

 “I had thought about vaping before, but I was open to trying anything. So I attended weekly support sessions with Quit4Life, and started vaping instead of smoking, plus I used patches as well for the first few weeks. But then I was able to just use the vape pen.”

Recent studies have shown that vaping reduces the risk of harm to both the smoker and those around them. Although they can contain nicotine, e-cigarettes have fewer harmful substances that are present in cigarettes: such as tar and carbon monoxide.

Sandi certainly enjoyed switching to vaping and soon no longer missed cigarettes: “Once I found a flavour I liked, and got used to vaping, it was easy. I found following the same routines helped – going into the garden to vape, instead of wanting a cigarette, and using my vape after meals. I would definitely recommend others to try it – I have already been recommending it! I’d say take the time to try out different flavours.”

And how was Sandi’s life changed since quitting the cigarettes? “I’m less out of breath and my bank account is healthier. I only pay £3 for a vape liquid, which lasts me about 2 weeks, compared to almost £8 for a packet of cigarettes – that would only have lasted about a day!”

Congratulations to Sandi for successfully giving up cigarettes for good!

Would you like more information about vaping, and how Quit4Life can help you to #DitchOrSwitch the cigarettes? Please contact us today for free, friendly NHS advice on starting your smoke-free future.