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Scott and Christine from Marchwood

Scott and Christine Marshall, both 47, are a couple from Marchwood who had smoked since they were 15 years old.  With weekly help and support from the Quit4Life service, they stopped in January 2014 and have not smoked since.

Why they decided to stop smoking

When Scott was diagnosed with emphysema in December 2013 he decided it was time to stop smoking.  To provide Scott with extra support Christine decided to quit with him. They had attempted quitting before but had no luck.

How they quit 

They sought help from Quit4Life and attended weekly drop-in sessions at Totton Community Health Centre.  

Christine said: “For some reason this time just hasn’t bothered me. We used patches for the first two weeks but I didn’t feel I needed them anymore and so that was it.” 

Scott and Christine then continued to receive weekly support and encouragement from their stop smoking adviser, Norma-Jane Beckwith.

The benefits since quitting

Scott said: “Quitting smoking is one of the best things and the support from both Norma-Jane and Christine has made this possible. I would completely recommend the service to anyone who would like support to quit.”¬

Scott’s and Christine’s health and wellbeing has been greatly improved since quitting. As a couple they enjoyed going for walks but found their smoking habit was affecting their enjoyment of this physical activity. Since giving up smoking they now enjoy the four mile walk from their home to their session in Totton. 

Not only has their physical health improved but they have also been able to use the money they would have spent on cigarettes to buy a brand new tropical fish tank.